Curvy Fashion

Plus size women have been left out of the fashion world for years. But that had change when this new curvy generation have open a new big profitable market. (no pun intended) Fashion designers are starting to look more closely at the earning potential from plus-size clothing, and have used curvy models for their advertising campaigns and catwalk. In 2016 Mattel started making curvy barbies and from that point a new big curvy model industry appeared.The market is there, plus size bathing suits, plus size bride dresses, plus size lingerie. You name it. The brands had listened and now you can get it all. If you have a curvy body type, you should choose pieces that naturally emphasize your waist and keep your top and bottom curves equally balanced out. Pay attention to the fit and avoid shirts that add too much volume to your top unless you plan on pairing them with volume-enhancing pieces on the bottom. Look for fabrics that cling to your curves, and stick with simple colors and patterns to avoid throwing your curves out of balance.

This are the top five Beach outfits for curvy women:

  1. Kimono + high waisted bikini.
  2. High waisted shorts + bikini top
  3. One piece swimsuit + maxi kaftan
  4. A wrap dress, short or maxi
  5. Button down shirt dresses

I had a friend that was turning down all kinds of fun activities because she wasn’t the weight she wanted to be. Today, she makes her living as a plus-size model. Same woman, new thoughts, new life. At the end, your confidence and smile is what it will make you look the best.

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