A quarantine to remember: Pandemic-wear.

Una cuarentena para recordar: Vestimenta de pandemia.

I’ve never expected to be a part of any historical event. But on the 18th of March, my “normal” life changed forever when Costa Rica joined other countries around the world in implementing COVID-19 pandemic protection measures.
I woke up feeling lost and fearful. As the days went by spent in quarantine, I tried to encourage
myself, family members and friends to consider it a great opportunity to change, grow and adapt.And things have become better since then…changing, growing, adapting.
But I’m a fashion reporter, so I am staying there with you too, in your closets.

Were you ready for an endless “stay at home” fashion challenge?

I was either, but this is what I ended up doing.

it’s so hot in Costa Rica that I don’t have sweatpants, which seems to be the go-to celebrity
pandemic-wear staple. Unfortunately it is not a wardrobe item I like to accumulate in my drawers.
I have lots of yoga pants, but, are they comfortable after doing yoga? They are only helpful to realize how much weight you have gained this week.
The first few days, while still in shock, it was very hard to get out of my pijamas. But as
time went by, my mood changed from uncertainty to depression. By that time I realized that if I
wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I had to dress up.

But where to start?

First, I made room in my closet for my pandemic-wear which needs to be really comfortable, fresh, and simple. I started with my dresses, grabbing the ones that I can either wear to the
supermarket or take a nap in.
Then I added shorts – lots of them, they are perfect for emergencies. If I had to pick an immune outfit it would be a tank-top and shorts, That’s part of Guanacaste “survival kit”, like an ATV, so
I ‘m ready to jump in my bike for groceries or work in the garden.
If I wear a bathing suit all day ,my vacation mood comes back, a contrast to the scary
news and worldwide fear. It makes me feel a little bit guilty, enjoying life while others are
Last but not least, my fancy dresses, the ones that make me feel normal again. I keep those to wear during online zoom meetings. Sometimes I even add some shoes on and jewelry, not that the camera cares.Keep it rolling.
We are not sure how long this quarantine will last.Meanwhile, why not make a date with your partner to enjoy at your front porch and throw your best clothes on. Create a fashion show with your kids. Give away what you don’t need. Watch some Marie Kondo episodes and organice your closet.

Remember: changing, growing, adapting.

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